Emily Deibert

Vanier Scholar and PhD Candidate
in Astronomy & Astrophysics.

I'm a 4th year PhD student and Vanier Scholar in the Department of Astronomy & Astrophysics at the University of Toronto. Prior to starting my PhD, I completed an Honours Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics, English, and Mathematics from Victoria College at U of T.

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Under the supervision of Suresh Sivanandam and Ray Jayawardhana, I work on observations of exoplanet atmospheres in the optical and near-infrared wavelength regimes. We use high-resolution, ground-based telescopes around the world to try to learn more about hot Jupiters and super-Earths, and shed light on the formation and evolutionary histories of these distant worlds.

My latest paper, "High-Resolution Transit Spectroscopy of Warm Saturns", uses high-resolution optical data from the Subaru and Gemini observatories to study the atmospheres of two bloated, Saturn-mass exoplanets: HAT-P-12b and WASP-69b. In this paper we presented the first detection of sodium in the atmosphere of HAT-P-12b, and placed strong constraints on the atmospheric makeup of WASP-69b.

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Teaching & Outreach

I'm also passionate about science outreach, teaching, and communication. I've given many public talks around Toronto and have been a teaching assistant for numerous courses at U of T. Here are some initiatives I've been involved in:

  • Teaching Assistant at U of T for 5 years
  • Head TA for AST101/AST201 at U of T
  • Speaker/volunteer for Astro on Tap
  • Regular volunteer for AstroTours
  • Ask An Astronomer email responder
  • Instagram manager for Research2Reality

Science Writing

I'm currently a staff science writer at Research2Reality, where I write biweekly articles on Canadian science news. I've also contributed freelance work to various other outlets. Take a look at some of my work below, or click through to my full portfolio.

The 'Missing Link' of Black Holes Has Been Found

Astronomers finally have long-awaited evidence of the existence of intermediate-mass black holes, thanks in part to gravitational waves.
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Polar Bears Will Die Out Within This Century*

* That is, unless we as humans do enough to address climate change that Arctic sea-ice levels can continue sustaining bear life.
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How Much Stuff is There in the Universe?

Just how much stuff is there? Is it possible to estimate the quantity of matter in the observable universe in any meaningful way?
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You can contact me through email at deibert@astro.utoronto.ca.


McLennan Physical Laboratories
60 St George Street
Toronto, ON
M5S 1A7